Helena's Profile

Helena has been working in the Holistic realm since 2008. Even though her Holistic path started in 2006 when she started her training in Reiki & Seichim, which later led to her completing her diploma in Holistic massage and going on to learn other energy systems like Rahanni Celestial Healing ( The heart healer ) and Kundalini Reiki. She has since been working overseas in Australia and New Zealand. and home to lovely Ireland.
Helena's style of massage is very intuitive. Combined with lot's of energy work making for a Whole'listic experience. Her aim is to meet you where you are at in that moment, and to bring you to a deep place of rest, and to have you feeling nurtured, rejuvenated and energetically boosted.

'Its all about the flow, the breath and listening to the body with each movement'

Treatments are :

Holistic Massage
Deep Tissue
Kundalini Reiki - Available for Distant Attunements
Rahanni Celestial Healing

You can book appointments with Helena on Tuesdays in Lovely Dervish :)

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